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"I love helping people in our industry save time and make money. We've all been through a lot over the past couple of years. I enjoy helping our dealers, designers, and manufacturers one person at a time. "

- Nic Banner, VP of Sales, UK & Ireland

Proven solutions for every part of the specification process.

Specifi Design

Design a Commercial Kitchen in Half the Time

  • Design in 2D and 3D simultaneously

  • Access manufacturer libraries or import your own

  • Access SP Symbols: no more missing content

  • Edit equipment

  • Instantly sync with your quote to reflect changes.

Specifi Design the industry's most advanced design software.  It's loaded with time-saving features for AutoCAD & Revit/BIM. 


Specifi Quote

Finally, an Alternative

  • Continually updated product data included.

  • Import quotes from other platforms and edit.

  • Create and manage personal libraries.

  • Automatically generate a purchase order

Customize your pricing, discounts and layout. Instantly sync to a design and back again.


Specifi Organiser

Digital Asset Management For the Foodservice Industry

  • Single "source of truth" for all your data

  • Upload all your CAD & Revit files, spec sheets, manuals, videos & marketing materials

  • Your whole team has instant access to your most updated data

  • Use Organiser + to instantly publish to Specifi's Quote & Design platforms and 1000s of users

How much is old or incomplete product data costing your company in lost sales or added work? Organiser can help with that.

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