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Instantly Share Data With Customers, Marketing Partners and Suppliers.

  • Your gateway to share information worldwide through gated access you control

  • Open platform that plays nice with others.

  • Create on-the-fly custom spec sheets, price lists, etc.

  • Assets appear everywhere while living in one place.

  • Products in Organiser are instantly available for quote & design in Specifi

  • Allow "guest access" to partners.

  • Self-service function insulates your team from one-off requests

  • Regional market customization.

"You cannot do business without this. The time we save with approval cycles, version control issues and looking for missing data is a game changer. Organiser was built with our business in mind."

- Brand Manager

Get started now with Specifi Organiser for Free

Digital Asset Management for the Foodservice Industry:
Specifi Organiser is Free and Easy to Set Up.

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  • Cloud based system, no software to install or manage.

  • Manage your CAD & Revit files, Spec Sheets, Manuals, Videos, all files welcome

  • Convenient templates specific to the foodservice equipment and supplies industry.

  • Manage multiple currencies, languages, price lists, connections.

  • Advanced search across variety of both technical and commercial data and files.

  • Internal ‘single source of truth’ – share and manage assets company-wide.

  • Own your data. Always.

YOU are always in control with Specifi Organiser

Here are results from a recent survey of marketers.

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used google to search for their company's logo


create assets that go un-used


believe their team has used expired or un-approved assets