Effective Content Management for Manufacturers

Organise and manage your company’s equipment specs and customization options -- and save them into a format for use in CAD platforms.

These can be accessed by any team member as they are stored in one central database and can be utilised on demand.

Here are some of the features:

  • Incorporating a fast and powerful search engine
  • Team members can work on the same brand simultaneously
  • The ability to edit multiple properties for selected products (Excel-like) edit multiple properties for selected products (Excel-like)
  • Migration support: supports backward and forward migration for existing customers
  • Data export/import support
  • Content team and customer have multiple access when creating/customising products.
  • Works for every attribute (sizes, prices, connections, connections parameters)
  • Flexible: content team can include various types and quantities of information as required
  • Supports all languages, native support for metric and imperial system utilising autoconversion

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