Nic Banner
Moderator: Nic Banner, VP, Sales - UK & Ireland, Specifi
Paul Anderson
Speaker: Paul Anderson, Managing Director, Meiko UK
Alistair Farquhar
Speaker: Alistair Farquhar, Channel Manager Distribution UK & Specification, Welbilt
Rolf Henke
Speaker: Rolf Henke, FCSI Designer, Germany
Mark Minnis
Speaker: Mark Minnis, Minnis Hospitality Supplies, Australia
Randy Hano
Speaker: Randy Hano, President, Foodservice Equipment Reports

The Great Reopening is beginning. Things are changing fast. Are you ready?

Join us as we hear from industry leaders about:

  • Are operators ready to reopen?

  • Are Foodservice Equipment Suppliers Ready to resupply?

  • What changes will operators make to handle reduced guest capacity due to social distancing?

  • How will kitchens operate to ensure social distancing while maintaining service time?

  • What new equipment will restaurants need?

As restaurants reopen, it won't be anything like the "business as usual" that we know.

The public will have a different experience. Staff will work differently. Designs and safety considerations will be re-thought.

Restaurant airflow, for example, will be a critical issue. Front of the House design will also be re-conceived.

Join us for an informative, candid discussion from those on the front lines of change during this unprecedented time.

Date & Time: May 27, 2 PM BST | 3 PM EUR