"It will take time to be where we were, but if we take small steps together we will get there"

Join us as we hear from industry leaders about:

  • The state of the industry right now

  • How companies are handling the crisis

  • Kitchen designs & equipment: they're changing

  • Where the biggest opportunities will be

  • What equipment will be in demand

Recent events have changed the world as we know it, resulting in major business disruptions.

But with all change comes opportunity and inspiring adaptation.

Please join us for a unique virtual event and conversation in which Specifi’s Nic Banner talks with industry leaders about the changes they foresee and how they are leading their organizations through the upcoming months.

Your questions are invited as well.

Date & Time: May 6, 2 PM BST | 3 PM EUR



Nic Banner
Moderator: Nic Banner, VP, Sales - UK & Ireland
Keith Warren v1
Speaker: Keith Warren, Director, FEA
Mike Caldicott Tricon
Speaker: Mike Coldicott, Director - Tricon
Malcolm Harling Circle v1
Speaker: Malcolm Harling, Director, Sales & Marketing, Williams Refrigeration
Kelly Killian
Speaker: Kelly Killian, Editor in Chief, Foodservice Equipment Reports
Bob Wolters
Speaker: Bob Wolters, CEO, Specifi
Andrea Genoni
Speaker: Andrea Genoni, Strategic Sales & Marketing Manager, Comenda