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Specifi 5.2.30 - Software Update Release

Before installing the new release, please backup your customised files.

Download the instructions for help backing up the software.

We are proud to announce these improvements to your Specifi software with Specifi 5.2.30:

Updated Compatible CAD/BIM versions (64-bit only):
- Autocad 2016 to 2020
- Revit 2016 to 2020
- Bricscad v18 and v19

Please, make sure to have a compatible version of AutoCAD, Bricscad or Revit installed before proceeding with the update.

General Improvements:
- The Final Discount (option for Customer) now saves correctly

Sp Design CAD and BIM improvements:

  • CAD: Fixed CAD crash while zooming on unnumbered entities (Totals/Schedule and similar commands that requires numbered equipment)
  • CAD: Fixed "Replace Offer" button on Offer Synchronization command. Now the offer is replaced correctly
  • CAD: External Shape command now works correctly with Self-Service equipment (Bourgeat)
  • CAD: "Join Items" command has been fixed (Trayslider for Tournus and Bourget, Panels for Tournus)
  • CAD: Added connection Leader for the "Condensation" connection type
  • CAD: Using "Copy" command of AutoCAD on a Specifi equipment, now it copies correctly also its accessories
  • CAD: Improved Anti-Panic door insertion
  • CAD: "Offer Synchronization" command in CAD now works correctly when going from Offer to CAD (specifically, it had problems with accessories with quantity > 1 and zones)
  • BIM: Fixed issue where accessories were always inserted on the first level (floor)
  • BIM: Fixed problem where if the accessory was a connection, it wasn't inserted into the drawing

Sp Quote improvements:

  • Now it scales the sizes correctly, inserting equipment by row into the BOQ grid, based on your Unit of Measurement
  • "General Data" tab now saves the data when switching to another tab inside an offer
  • Creating a new offer directly from the project list, the units of measurement of Length, Weight and Volume identified in the general program options are correctly set
  • Signature image is now saved properly when changed in "General Data" tab of the offer
  • Creating a new offer for a project, it sets the referent name in "General Data" tab
  • Fixed issue where you could see duplicated entries on Supplier column in BOQ grid but with different case

We know that Specifi 5.2.30 will enhance your Specifi experience.