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" My goal is to raise awareness and promote knowledge about content creation and management.
This came in parallel with a willingness to collaborate and share technical and commercial information in a more easy, innovative, and secure way, the move toward integrated practice that is much talked about in the foodservice industry nowadays.
Evolutions such as BIM have the potential to facilitate integrated work but there is still so much to do to make this happen and we are here to help all professionals involved in this process."

Gilda Tizzi: Director of OEM Sales, EMEA

Proven solutions for every part of the specification process for manufacturers

Specifi Organiser

Specifi's Newest Product Information Management system for the Foodservice Industry.

Upload and Manage your CAD & Revit files, JPGs, spec sheets, manuals, and videos.

Products in Organiser are instantly available for Specifi Quote and eCatalog. Auto-generate spec sheets.

Specifi Share

Display your product catalog on your web site - with Specifi's eCatalog technology.

Easy implementation!

Allow users to utilise powerful search and configuration tools to instantly find the products and accessories they need. Your customers can download symbols and spec sheets for your configured products.Get your products specified in more projects.

Distribute your content to anyone, even if they're not Specifi subscribers.

Specifi Studio

Have Specifi build your 5D Digital Catalog.

Drawing Creation: CAD and Revit symbols with level of detail required by industry standards such FCSI and IFSE standards

Database Creation: The creation of a "single source of truth," a database with technical & commercial information associated with drawings (and any other documents like Spec Sheets and images).